2016/17 NBL Picks

2016/17 NBL SEASON


14th December

We are now accepting subscribers to this unprecedented service at the reduced rate of $250 for the remainder of the 2016/17 NBL Season. Please use the paypal sign up button below.


+39.85 Units (195)

20% ROI

Picks are 34-2-19 

Subscription Service

Very rarely do we use a subscription model at OnThePunt, but such is the quality and expected popularity of our NBL Analyst, we've decided to offer such a service for the current season.

While our man has asked for anonimity, rest assured he is an industry insider with a very strong following of local hoops and long history of successful professional punting.

Picks will be sent out to subscribers via email up to 30 minutes before games. There will be a cap of 50 season subscribers. There will be at least one pick per round.

- Week One - No Picks Win/Loss (Stake)

- Week Two Picks +11.48 Units (10)

- Week Three Picks +8.5 Units (20)

- Week Four Picks +4.5 Units (5)

Week Five Picks +7.2 Units (8)

- Week Six Picks +2.7 Units (11)

- Week Seven Picks +3.95 Units (14)

- Week Eight Picks +5.4 Units (6)

- Week Nine Picks +4.3 Units (9)

Week Ten Picks +4.5 Units (5)

Week Eleven Picks +0.91 Unit (13)

Week Twelve Picks -3.0 Units (6)

Week Thirteen Picks -4.4 Units (17)

Week Fourteen Picks -0.3 Unit (6)

Week Fifteen Picks -5.6 Units (11)

Week Sixteen Picks -5 Units (5)

Week Seventeen Picks +7.71 Units (9)

Week Eighteen Picks -3.9 Units (21)

Week Nineteen Picks +3.2 Units (11)

Semi Final Picks -2.3 Units (8)


How to subscribe:

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Tips will be emailed to the address on your Paypal account. Alternatively, should you wish to use a different email address to recieve the picks, please provide this under 'special instructions' on Paypal checkout.


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