AFL Finals Week Three Picks

AFL Finals Week Three

Richmond Tigers v Collingwood Magpies

The first preliminary final of the third week of the finals and the Pies and the Tiges will lock it up at the MCG on Friday night. TWe could easily have accepted if these two had made it through to the grand final as they are both deserving to be there but be it as it may, only one should advance. The Pies dominated the Giants from the outset and if it wasn't for their own inaccuracy kicking for goal, they would have buried the Giants by a bigger margin. Jordan De Goey left the ground early with a slight injury scare only to return into the game to be the deciding 'X Factor' for the Pies up forward. Steele Sidebottom was a ball magnet for the Pies through the midfield and was able to create passages of play that the Giants simply couldn't stop. Simimarily, the Tigers were also dominant against the Hawks two weeks ago and since then have had the luxury to rest their superstars having had a bye last week.

The Tigers are the fresher team and some eye brows were raised when the AFL decided that the first Preliminary Final was going to be taking place on the Friday night, ensuring that the qualifying team would have a short turn around, having played the week before. The Tigers at the 'G is a hard enough task as it is, and when the chance to play in another grand final is in place for them, the edge firmly sits in the Tigers corner. The Magpies have shown that they can play that Richmond game style be constantly harassing and pressuring the ball carrier and in turn powering the ball forward at any cost but when you're taking on the masters at the style, you're going to need something more up your sleeve. Take the reigning premiers in the margin betting here as they roll onto their second grand final in as many years, at the expense of the Collingwood Magpies.

OTP Recommendation

Richmond Tigers 1 - 397.0u at 2.0Bookie Image 1-7

West Coast Eagles v Melbourne Demons

Second preliminary final and the West Coast Eagles will have a chance to make their second grand final this decade. Their final hurdle will be the visting Melbourne Demons, who just four weeks ago, come to the West and beat the Eagles on their home ground. The last time we saw the West Coast Eagles, they were pushed right out to the final stages of the final term against the Collingwood Magpies, to get the job done. The Eagles are not necessarily a team that has fired first up after a bye and have shown that they might need match time under them to be effective in their run to a premiership. The Demons were absolutely dominant against the Hawks last week and from the outset showed that it was only a matter of time before they buried the Hawks, to end their season. The constant harassing and pressure on the ball carrier is very much like the Tigers game style and it has shown that it can stack up before. The scoreline flattered the Hawks last week as the Demons had a strangle hold on the game from start to finish.

You cannot dny that the momentum is firmly with the Demons at the moment. Melbourne are now eerily on the same path the 2016 Western Bulldogs took on their way to their fairytake premiership, by first eliminating the Hawks in Melbourne before heading to the West to tackle West Coast in order to advance. We're going to ride the wave that is the Demons at the moment and take them to get the job in the West for the second time in five weeks. Melbourne win, eliminate the Eagles and advance to the 2018 Grand Final.

OTP Recommendation

Melbourne Demons To Win2.5u at 2.05Bookie Image 2-2.5

    Grand Final -10 10 -100%
    Finals Week Three -9.5 9.5 -100%
    Finals Week Two +7.53 7.5 100%
    Finals Week One +8.45 13 65%
    Round Twenty-Two -4.7 13.25 -35%
    Round Twenty-One -4 13 -31%
    Round Twenty +3.76 10 38%
    Round Nineteen -9.5 9.5 -100%
    Round Eighteen -7.75 14 -55%
    Round Seventeen +0.68 7 10%
    Round Sixteen -4.11 12 -34%
    Round Fifteen -8.5 8.5 -100%
    Round Fourteen +6.5 8 81%
    Round Thirteen -7 7 -100%
    Round Twelve -0.72 5.5 -13%
    Round Eleven -2.93 7.5 -39%
    Round Ten +1.5 8 19%
    Round Nine +7.84 8.5 92%
    Round Eight +3.5 8 44%
    Round Seven +2.35 7.25 32%
    Round Six +1.15 5.5 21%
    Round Five +5.32 9 59%
    Round Four -2.1 6.5 -32%
    Round Three -0.35 5.5 -6%
    Round Two -1.5 6 -25%
    Round One +2.56 6 43%
    Futures -6 6 -100%
    Total -27.52 231.5 -12%

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